Caracal Models CD72063 - F-15E Strike Eagle

Our first 1/72 scale sheet for the F-15E Strike Eagle features markings for Lakenheath-based 494th and Mountain Home-based 389th Fighter Squadrons. We chose aircraft with unique nose art and mission markings, appiled during the latest overseas deployments of both units.

The 16 options on this decal sheet are:

  • F-15E 91-0311 "Lady Liberty", 494th FS
  • F-15E 91-0324, "White Walrus", 494th FS
  • F-15E 91-0326, 494th FS
  • F-15E 91-0329, 494th FS
  • F-15E 91-0335 "Megalodon", 494th FS
  • F-15E 00-3003, 494th FS
  • F-15E 00-3004, 494th FS
  • F-15E 91-0320, 494th FS
  • F-15E 97-0221, 494th FS
  • F-15E 87-0173 "Checkmate", 389th FS
  • F-15E 87-0169 "Cerberus", 389th FS
  • F-15E 87-0209 "Grizz", 389th FS
  • F-15E 87-0170 "Boogeyman", 389th FS
  • F-15E 88-1699 "Ashbringer", 389th FS
  • F-15E 88-1678 "Billie Jean", 389th FS
  • F-15E 88-1705 "Point'n Shoot", 389th FS

Accurate stencilling and national insignia to build any one of the options is included. All of the sheets in this set were professionally screen printed by Cartograf in Italy.

The recommended kit is the Great Wall Hobby kit in 1/72 scale.

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