About Caracal Models

Caracal Models is based in Austin, TX; and operated by a modeler with a passion of military aviation, just like you.

Disappointed with the limited selection and variety of both kit and aftermarket decals at the time, I started designing decals for my own modeling projects and printing them using various printer technologies. I soon started a small line of decal sheets and started offering them for sale in modeling forums. After a cross-country move and several years at a new job and company, I started Caracal Models in 2011 to offer quality silkscreen decal sheets to modelers.

Caracal Models does not use contract designers: every decal sheet you see on this site was planned and designed by one person only: me. Being a modeler myself, I approach the design process from a modeler's point of view, and aim to strike a balance between ease of use, accuracy and good design.