CD72062 : C-130H "Guard Herks"

This very comprehensive 1/72 scale decal set features accurate markings for the hard-working C-130H fleet operated by the US Air National Guard.

We provide markings for 13 different aircraft from twelve different states, including the colorful Ohio ANG 60th anniversary scheme from 2008. The set also features accurate, extensive stencilling as applied to the current USAF C-130 fleet.

The aircraft featured on this sheet are:

  • C-130H 90-1794, 179th Airlift Wing, Ohio ANG (2008 - 60th anniversary scheme)
  • C-130H 81-0626, 179th Airlift Wing, Ohio ANG
  • C-130H 91-1238, 123rd Airlift Wing, Kentucky ANG
  • C-130H 74-2063, 103rd Airlift Wing, Connecticut ANG
  • C-130H 93-2042, 182nd Airlift Wing, Illinois ANG
  • C-130H 80-0326, 165th Airlift Wing, Georgia ANG
  • C-130H 92-1531, 153rd Airlift Wing, Wyoming ANG
  • C-130H 90-1798, 139th Airlift Wing, Missouri ANG
  • C-130H 74-1671, 120th Airlift Wing, Montana ANG
  • C-130H 82-0057, 176th Airlift Wing, Alaska ANG
  • C-130H 95-6712, 130th Airlift Wing, West Virginia ANG
  • C-130H 95-1001, 133rd Airlift Wing, Minnesota ANG
  • C-130H 85-1365, 136th Airlift Wing, Texas ANG

We recommend the use of resin nacelle and sponson correction sets by Attack Squadron. These sets correct the seriously underscaled (C-130A type) nacelles provided in the Italeri kit.

The nacelle markings for the Ohio anniversary scheme were designed for the Attack Squadron parts and will not fit the unmodified kit parts.

All of the sheets in this set were professionally silk screen printed by Cartograf in Italy.

SOLD OUT! We sold out our entire print run of this very popular sheet. Please check our resellers (such as Sprue Brothers in the US, and Hannants in the UK) to check if they have any in stock.