CD72030 : KC-135R Stratotanker

The workhorse of the USAF tanker fleet since the 1960s, the KC-135 Stratotanker will be serving the USAF (and its allies) well into the 2010s. Our latest decal sheet is a very comprehensive tribute to the current version of the Stratotanker : the KC-135R.

This extensive sheet features markings for 16 different units from every command that operates the KC-135R. We are sure you will agree that there has never been a more comprehensive KC-135R sheet in any scale! Only 300 sets were printed.

  • KC-135R 62-3516, 161 ARW, Arizona ANG
  • KC-135R 62-3576, 157 ARW, New Hampshire ANG
  • KC-135R 63-8872, 157 ARW, Maine ANG ("Maine Freeze" nose art)
  • KC-135R 61-0305, 97 AMW, Altus AFB
  • KC-135R 61-4840, 121 ARW, Ohio ANG
  • KC-135R 62-3543, 459 ARW, Andrews AFB
  • KC-135R 58-0001, 100 ARW, RAF Mildenhall ("Wolff Pack" nose art)
  • KC-135R 58-0102, 434 ARW, Grissom AFB
  • KC-135T 58-0065, 22 ARW, Mc Connell AFB
  • KC-135R 60-0345, 127 Wing, Michigan ANG
  • KC-135R 60-0318, 154 Wing, Hawaii ANG
  • KC-135R 59-1506, 185 ARW, Iowa ANG
  • KC-135R 59-1500, 126 ARW, Illinois ANG
  • KC-135R 60-0348, 18 Wing, Kadena AFB
  • KC-135R 62-3512, 128 ARW, Wisconsin ANG
  • KC-135R 62-3514, 108 ARW, New Jersey ANG

Extensive stencilling for one aircraft (including extended boom markings for in-flight dioramas) is included. This set was professionally screen printed by Cartograf in Italy.

The price includes free US shipping. International shipping is only $3 extra. Texas residents pay 8.25% state sales tax.

Price: $19.99

USAF KC-135R STENCILS SHEET - now available separately

The stencilling sheet included in CD72030 is now available for purchase as a separate item - this will enable you to build more Stratotankers from the sheet when used in combination with national insignia from the kit sheet.

Price: $5.99