CD72017 : US Marine Corps AV-8 Harrier

This is a scaled-down version of our popular 1/48 early Harrier sheet, intended for the brand new 1/72 Airfix Harrier GR.1 kit. This sheet provides no fewer than 11 marking choices for the early AV-8A Harriers used by the US Marine Corps. The options on this comprehensive sheet are:

  • AV-8A BuNo. 158703 (flight test scheme w/orange panels
  • AV-8A BuNo. 158702, VMA-231 (temporary winter camouflage)
  • AV-8A BuNo. 159248, VMA-231, USS Roosevelt
  • AV-8A BuNo. 159256, VMA-231, high-vis scheme
  • AV-8A BuNo. 159248, VMA-231, low-vis scheme
  • AV-8A BuNo. 158967, VMA-542, high-vis scheme
  • AV-8A BuNo. 158950, VMA-542, low-vis scheme
  • AV-8A BuNo. 158976, VMA-513, high-vis scheme
  • AV-8A BuNo. 159368, VMAT-203, high-vis scheme
  • AV-8A BuNo. 159252, VMAT-203, low-vis scheme
  • AV-8A BuNo. 158975, VMA-513 Det. A, high-vis scheme
  • AV-8A BuNo. 158966, VMA-513 Det. B, high-vis scheme

This sheet includes full and accurate stencilling and national insignia for one AV-8A/C in low or high visibility schemes. Like most of our products, this decal sheet is professionally silk screen printed by Cartograf in Italy.

SOLD OUT! We sold out our entire print run of this very popular sheet. Please check our resellers (such as Sprue Brothers in the US, and Hannants in the UK) to check if they have any in stock.