CD48166 : F-22 Raptor - Part 1

Our first 1/48 scale decals for the F-22 Raptor provide a variety of accurate markings for different units that fly the most advanced fighter in the USAF inventory. We provide options for fourteen (14) USAF Raptors, some with unique nose art or unit flagship markings. The aircraft featured on this sheet are:

  • F-22A 10-4193, 3WG, Elmendorf AFB
  • F-22A 10-4195, 525FS, Elmendorf AFB
  • F-22A 06-4115, 525FS, Elmendorf AFB
  • F-22A 06-4132 "Ace Trey Deuce" nose art, 411FLTS, Edwards AFB
  • F-22A 91-4009 "IX" nose art, 411FLTS, Edwards AFB
  • F-22A 04-4082 "Cripes A'Mighty", 192FW, Langley AFB
  • F-22A 05-4094, 94FS, Langley AFB
  • F-22A 05-4085, 94FS, Langley AFB
  • F-22A 03-4046, 19FS, Hickam AFB
  • F-22A 03-4052, 19FS, Hickam AFB
  • F-22A 04-4072, 8FS, Holloman AFB
  • F-22A 01-4022, 43FS, Tyndall AFB
  • F-22A 06-4116, 433WPS, Nellis AFB
  • F-22A 06-4109, 433WPS, Nellis AFB

Extensive stencilling (printed by Cartograf) for one aircraft is provided. The stencilling sheet that is included in this set will also be available as a separate product (CDB48010) in September 2022.
We will also be releasing a general-purpose F-22 serial numbers sheet in September 2022, allowing you to build almost any F-22 belonging to the units featured on this sheet.

All of the decal sheets in this set were professionally silk screen printed by Cartograf in Italy.

We will start shipping this decal sheet on August 25, 2022.
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