CD48039 : UH-34D - US Marines

Our second decal sheet intended for the new MRC/Gallery H-34 kit in 1/48 scale, this decal sheet provides markings for four US Marine Corps UH-34D helicopters from the Vietnam War era. All options sport the later type of undercarriage ("V-leg") and can be built out of the box from the MRC/Gallery kits available at this time(June 2013).
The options on the decal sheet are:

  • UH-34D, HMM-363 "Lucky Red Lions"
  • UH-34D, HMM-362 "Ugly Angels"
  • UH-34D, HMM-163 "Evil Eyes" YP-3: This is the ill-fated YP3 whose demise was throughly documented by LIFE photographer Larry Burrows in his LIFE magazine photo series "Life and Death in Vietnam: One Ride with Yankee Papa 13".
  • UH-34D, HMM-163 "Evil Eyes" (later scheme with the trademark "evil eyes")

This sheet includes extensive USMC-specific stencilling for one H-34; and it is professionally silk screen printed by Cartograf in Italy.

SOLD OUT! We sold out our entire print run of this very popular sheet. Please check our resellers (such as Sprue Brothers in the US, and Hannants in the UK) to check if they have any in stock.