Caracal Models CD32025 :
1/32 USAF F-16D "MiG Killer"

The F-16D, the twin-seat version of the F-16C, has been a mainstay in the United States Air Force (USAF) and air forces of allied nations since the 1980s, showcasing exceptional performance and adaptability. With a blend of swift maneuverability, innovative design, and multifunctional capabilities, the F-16D has excelled in both air-to-air engagements and precision ground strikes.

This decal set provides markings for the striking desert camouflage applied to F-16D 90-0778 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Iraqi MiG-25 kill by Lt. Col. Gary "Nordo" North. This jet is an F-16D Block 42, and the recommended kit is Academy's F-16D in 1/32 scale.

Limited run of 250 sheets only.

Accurate stencilling and national insignia for this specific jet are included. This decal sheet was professionally screen printed by Microscale in the US.

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