Caracal Models CD144027 - B-52 "Tall Tail Stratofortresses"

Step back into the annals of aviation history with Caracal's latest 1/144 scale decal sheet for the iconic B-52A/F "Tall Tail" Stratofortresses. This meticulously researched set celebrates some of the most significant and storied aircraft from the fleet, including the NB-52E CCV, renowned Vietnam War bombers like "Diamond Lil," and even the B-52F piloted by Hollywood legend (and USAF Brigadier General) Jimmy Stewart during his famous mission over Vietnam.

This decal set features markings for the earlier "tall tail" variants of the Stratofortress; and the diversity and details of the markings reflect the hard research work for older, classic USAF subjects that you expect from Caracal Models.

Featuring eighteen (18) historically accurate marking options, this 1/144 scale set highlights the B-52's varied and significant service history. From the high-stakes experimental flights of the NB-52E CCV to the harrowing bombing runs of the Vietnam War, each option reflects a unique chapter in the Stratofortress's storied career.

Accurate stencilling and some structural details to spruce up the kit are included. The recommended base kit is the Minicraft or Revell 1/144 scale B-52D, and the recent Academy re-box of the Minicraft molds.

The profiles below shown only a selection from the eighteen options in the set:

  • B-52B 53-0394 "City of El Paso", 95BW, Biggs AFB
  • B-52D 55-0677 "City of Fort Worth", 7BW, Carswell AFB
  • B-52B 53-0380 "Ciudad Juarez", 95BW, Biggs AFB
  • B-52D 56-0680 "Orlando - Where the Action Is", 306BW, McCoy AFB
  • B-52D 55-0049, 1st Wichita-built Stratofortress
  • B-52D 55-0083 "Diamond Lil"
  • NB-52E 56-0632 CCV - Air Force Systems Command
  • B-52D 55-0061 "Big Country Bomber", 7BW, Carswell AFB
  • B-52D 56-0676 (MiG killer)
  • B-52D 56-0679 "Yellow Rose", 7BW, Carswell AFB
  • B-52F 57-0149 (Brig. Gen. Jimmy Stewart's Vietnam mission)
  • B-52C 53-0407, 99BW, Westover AFB
  • RB-52B 52-8711, 22BW, March AFB
  • B-52D 55-0080, 340BMW, Bergstrom AFB
  • B-52E 56-0651, 6BW, Walker AFB
  • B-52E 57-0026, 17BW, Wright-Patterson AFB
  • B-52C 54-2672, 7BW
  • B-52F 57-0060, 93BW, Castle AFB

Both of the sheets in this set were professionally screen printed by Cartograf in Italy.

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