Caracal Models CD72117 - 1/72 USAF C-130 Hercules

The C-130 Hercules has been an indispensable element of many air forces throughout the world due to its high performance, reliability, and versatility. In this decal sheet, we provide no fewer than 14 diverse marking options for USAF Herks spanning the type's USAF service from the 1960s to the 1990s. We chose a wide variety of versions and different paint schemes.

This sheet is designed for the new 1/72 scale Zvezda C-130H kit. While the door outlines are designed to fit the target kit, it should be possible to use the sheet on the Testors/Italeri kit with minimal effort.

Some of the options on the sheet require modifications to the kit : specifically, the JC-130B and HC-130N versions require the AN/ARD-17 dorsal radome; and the LC-130D Antarctic Hercules requires the ski conversion. We recommend aftermarket conversion parts from Flightpath in the UK.

The options on this decal sheet are:

  • C-130E Hercules 62-1838, 1501st ATW, Military Air Transport Service
  • C-130E Hercules 63-7834, 438th MAW
  • C-130E Hercules 63-7841, 314th TAW
  • C-130E Hercules 70-1270, 317th TAW
  • C-130E Hercules 64-18240, 435th TAW (1980s desert camo)
  • WC-130E Hercules 64-0553 , 53rd WRS
  • HC-130N Hercules 59-5827
  • JC-130B Hercules 58-0750, 6594th Test Group (Corona satellite catcher)
  • C-130E Hercules 70-1275, 317th TAW
  • C-130E Hercules 63-7861, 316th TAW
  • C-130E Hercules 64-18240 "Payback Time", 435th TAW (Operation Desert Storm)
  • C-130E Hercules 63-7776 "Arkansas Dreaming", 314th TAW (Operation Desert Storm)
  • C-130E Hercules 64-0539, 416th TAW
  • LC-130D Hercules 57-0493, New York Air National Guard

Complete stencilling and national insignia to build any one of the options is included. The main markings sheet and serial numbers sheets were professionally screen printed by Cartograf in Italy. The national insignia sheet was professionally screen printed by Microscale in the US.

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