Caracal Models CD48074 - Fighters of Austin

Until its decomissioning in early 1990s, Bergstrom AFB (currently the Austin-Bersgtrom International Airport) was an important USAF base hosting a variety of combat aircraft types through its long history. This decal sheet provides markings for several fighter aircraft that were once based at Bergstrom AFB, right next to Caracal Models' home in Austin.

The options on this decal sheet are:

  • F-4D 66-7641, 704 TFS
  • F-4D 66-7768, 704 TFS
  • F-4D 66-7740, 704 TFS
  • F-4E 74-0628, 704 TFS
  • F-4E 74-1040, 704 TFS (924TFG flagship)
  • F-16A 82-1007, 704 TFS (704FS flagship)
  • F-16A 83-0078, 704 TFS

Full stencilling and national insignia for one F-4 and one F-16 are included. This sheet was professionally screen printed by Cartograf in Italy.

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